Eye of the Jaguar – Monitoring – Costa Rica

Eye of the Jaguar, monitoring – Costa Rica… 19.9.2021 During this year, the Forest For Children organization was able to expand its monitoring program Eye of the Earth again, with the Eye of the Jaguar in Costa Rica. In February 2021, we installed 60 UV595HD and Predator trail cameras in the terrain of the Corcovado […]

The second 0th volunteer Costa Rica program is successfully behind us

The second 0th volunteer Costa Rica program is successfully behind us 25.8.2021 August was in the spirit of work in our Green Life reserve in Costa Rica, the joint construction of a volunteer center, which gradually took its final form. Volunteers from the Czech and Slovak Republics participated significantly. Volunteers slept in rooms for 4 […]

World Ranger Day 2021 – Costa Rica

World Ranger Day 2021 – Costa Rica    30.8.2021 On August 30, 2021, World Ranger Day took place in Palo Verde National Park in Costa Rica.  This important and globally presented event was supported by the Forest For Children Association, which funded a lunch for 60 participants of the event. The event was attended by […]

Ambassadors for the Oceans

Ambassadors for the Oceans 24.8.2021 Our new Ocean’s Costa Rican project, in collaboration with the For the Oceans Foundation, is beginning to take shape very brightly. On July 30, 2021, we signed an official cooperation agreement with The Oceans Foundation at World Ranger Day 2021 in Palo Verde, i.e. with Jorge Serendero, former Director of […]

The first zero volunteer program in Costa Rica is behind us..

The first zero volunteer program in Costa Rica is behind us… 25.7.2021 On 3 July 2021, the 0th Green Life volunteer program in Costa Rica was launched, when the first seven volunteers arrived in difficult booking conditions to help build a volunteer and educational center, including monitoring using trail cameras. Volunteers built railings on the […]

Green Life Reservation – Costa Rica

Green Life Reservation – Costa Rica 23.6.2021 From May 2021, the construction of a volunteer centre has started, which from July 2021 will be the basis for the first international volunteering programs. The building wood was used from non-native cypress trees, which were planted in the reserve by the previous owner in the past. The […]

Husky’s generosity is respectable…

Husky’s generosity is respectable… 1.6.2021 A few days ago, the Czech company HUSKY donated various outdoor equipment to our association to support guardians in the world and conservation activities, at our discretion. From sleeping bags, backpacks, cardimats, tents to armchairs and tables ,(new or lightly used state.) , all this will soon find its application […]

The eye of the bear continues

The eye of the bear continuesl  30.5.2021 The Czech-Slovak team Eye of the Bear has had almost a year of unique monitoring activities in the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT) and Kremnica Hills on the basis of official cooperation with the Nature protection of Slovakian Republic association (ŠOP SR), which was signed on June 30, […]