Blue Kids in Sumatra celebrate 3rd anniversary

Blue Kids na Sumatře slaví výročí Children’s education is one of the main pillars of Justice for Nature’s philosophy and activities. We are dedicated to this activity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the NEPZ program, starting in Costa Rica at the Blue Life II ocean education center. and for some years now we […]

The Green Patrol team marches on tirelessly!

The Green Patrol team marches on tirelessly! As we already informed you in the article dated 27.3. our Green Patrol team continues (not only) through the terrain despite historical organizational vicissitudes. The boys do not lack enthusiasm and determination to continue working for nature and animals. Let’s see what they were up to in April […]

Zahájení monitoringu tygrů v Nepálu

Zahájení monitorovacího programu Oko tygra II v Nepálu V roce 2019 jsem se zúčastnili mezinárodního kongresu rangerů v Nepálu, kde jsme na světovém fóru odprezentovali vizi mezinárodního monitorovacího projektu Oko Země spolu s nabídkou tohoto projektu národním parkům, které potřebují výpomoc s monitoringem divokých druhů zvířat.  Kromě kostarických strážců projevili o náš monitoring zájem přímo […]

Crossing the ship Spartan into the bay Santa Elena

Crossing the ship Spartan into the bay Santa Elena As we sailed out of Puntarenas on January 11, 2023 and stood on the deck of The Spartan, we were in tears. But few could have imagined what had preceded that day. Several inspections of completely unsuitable boats in various stages of disrepair, finding competent people […]

Grand opening of the Blue Life Ocean Center

Otevření oceánského, vzdělávacího a velrybího centra Blue Life II. Before we introduce you to the Blue Life Ocean Center in Cuajinicquil, Costa Rica in this post, we need to acknowledge the tremendous effort and help of volunteers, members of Justice for Nature, and Eye of the Ocean team players who participated in its completion. After […]

Spartan is setting sail!

Spartan is setting sail! 30.12.2022 At the end of November 2022, we launched an Eye of the Ocean campaign aimed at purchasing a monitoring ship in Costa Rica and we succeeded! Our project vessel is called The Spartan. This ship becomes an important part of the Blue Life project. It is an important tool for […]

Forky’s franchise becomes a partner of our organization!

Forky’s franchise becomes a partner of our organization! 23.11.2022 It’s no secret that our organization is focused on the protection of wild nature, both from the direct field side and from the ethical side, i.e. what we eat, what we buy and who we support. In the same way, we try to pay maximum attention […]

Start of monitoring in La Amistad

Start of monitoring in  La Amistad 11.10.2022 When we arrived in July 2022 for a meeting with the management of La Amistad International Park in Costa Rica, we were full of anticipation for the upcoming collaboration on American jaguar monitoring. The collaboration started on August 21, 2022 in the Valle del silencio sector, where we […]

Volunteers in Costa Rica – July 2022

Volunteers in Costa Rica  27.7.2022 During July 2022, the first summer volunteer program of the year took place. We had six volunteers gather at the Green Life II Preserve, one of which was only for a week. The other five stayed for the full three packed weeks.   We had a lot of tasks ahead […]

July ecotourism volunteer program in Sumatra

July ecotourism volunteer program in Sumatra 5.8.2022 After a two-year covid break and a period when the country was closed to foreign tourists, we finally rekindled the spark of ecotourism volunteer programs in Sumatra. It was kind of last minute considering that Indonesia allowed entry for Czech and Slovak tourists about a month before the […]