In 2021, Forest For Children expanded its project activities to protect rainforests and the ocean to Latin America in Costa Rica, where I founded our Bosque para los Niños branch.

Based on the three-month Eye of the Jaguar monitoring program in Corcovado National Park, Santa Rosa National Park and Guanacaste National Park, we were accepted into a large family of rangers and conservationists. During this time, we have had the opportunity to look under the covers of the real problems facing Costa Rica and have come to the conclusion that we will help protect the world’s natural riches of rainforests and oceans and extend our scope to the American continent.

These problems include poaching of wild animals, their capture for international trade, illegal logging of trees and, in particular, illegal fishing in marine protected areas. This mission includes cooperation with national parks, rangers, non-profit organizations and scientists on monitoring and research programs for the protection of nature and, of course, the education of children, youth and the public.

Our traditional projects Green Life and Blue Life are being created here. 


You can now support the Green and Blue mission in Costa rica via Paypal, where we have created a new collection for this project. Thank you for the contributions, they will help to get everything going.


Become the protectors of the world jewel of costa Rica’s mountain forests, on the border with Tapanti National Park, and help create its functional protection zone.