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This essay is a combination of information from previous scientific knowledge from human anatomy and individual knowledge about planet Earth. The theory of planet Earth as a living organism functioning just like our human bodies, supported by scientific facts and studies in contexts such as the lungs, heart and immune system of both organisms. Thanks to such perceived processes and events in human bodies and on planet Earth, it is possible to understand the causes of various diseases as well as to find effective solutions in the field of climate change and environmental problems. This theory and facts should primarily serve to further research from this point of view and to change the approach to the environment by human civilization. Individualism and egocentrism of today’s societies are no longer a sustainable path, and human development has been halted for many years. Answers cannot be found in the development of new technologies, but in the development of an understanding of ourselves through the functioning processes and patterns of our bodies and planet Earth. Our civilization has enough information. Now we need to understand them correctly and find a solution to the expected changes.

Nature And Human Body  International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

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Author : Zbyněk Hrábek