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Forest for Children association was Founded in 2009, became the bearer of the Green Life idea of saving rainforests in Sumatra, where, over the course of ten years, it created the Green Life private rain forest reserve with an area of 175.5 ha by the end of 2020. This created a protection zone on the border with the Gunung Leuser National Park between the Sekelam and Berkail Rivers, which significantly prevented poaching and illegal logging in an area where critics of endangered tigers, elephants and orangutans live.

Every year more than 150 volunteers come to three forest camps where unique winter and summer volunteer programs take place in the rainforest and in the Pulau Banyak archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
Forest for Children association supports the Indonesian NGO Yayasan Hutan Untuk Anak, which has been based in the Tiger House since 2016, and in 2017 was granted a government license for the patrol monitoring anti-poaching patrol Green Patrol, which was established in 2014.

Green Life programs also include children education and a waste program in Batu Katak village. A unique program is the monitoring of tigers, elephants and orangutans, which is part of the Eye of the Tiger, which is one of the programs of the Eye of the Earth project, as well as the Eye of the Bear in Slovakia, or the Eye of Rhinoceros in Uganda and Mozambique.

All these activities are supported by Forest for Children association, which receives funding in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from the general public, companies and partner schools of the NEPZ project. Forest for Children association has an office in Brno and has not received any subsidies and grants.

In November 2018,  Forest for Children association  became a member of the International Ranger Federation for Children and a year later, its chairman Milan Jeglík presented the World of Eye Earth monitoring project at the IRF World Ranger Congress in Nepal. This creates further cooperation in Congo, Nepal and Costa Rica. In 2022 the interim result of the international monitoring cooperation Eye of the Earth at the World Ranger Congress in the Azores should be presented and in 2025, at the Congress in Peru, we should hand over to all IRF representatives and member countries the World Education Program for Ethics of the Earth, which will end the unique Eye of the Earth monitoring project.

In 2020 Justice for Nature (NGO) has been established in United Kingdom to expand the program and public support in United Kingdom and western Europe.