Ambassadors for the Oceans


Our new Ocean’s Costa Rican project, in collaboration with the For the Oceans Foundation, is beginning to take shape very brightly. On July 30, 2021, we signed an official cooperation agreement with The Oceans Foundation at World Ranger Day 2021 in Palo Verde, i.e. with Jorge Serendero, former Director of Sea Shepherd for Central America.

On 11 August 2021, Jorge Serendero signed a cooperation agreement with the Costa Rica Environment Minister, who was also the supreme head of SINAC state conservation.

We were personally present and introduced as collaborators in signing this important contract. This is now contractual cooperation with the government on the protection of the ocean in Costa Rica’s waters, which may form the basis for the signing of an international treaty with Panama or Ecuador on the joint protection and monitoring of Coiba national parks or Galápagos Islands

We are now waiting for the final report on support from Monaco and the 43m sailing boat from the USA.

The whole vision will be completed by the end of 2021, and from January 2022 we should set sail towards the direct protection of the ocean, including volunteers, to whom we are opening the way not only to experience adventure, but above all to a new meaning of life in connecting the two most important ecosystems of planet Earth. Rainforests and oceans.