Our Forest for Children association is creating a new project Green Life in Costa Rica, which will be sponsored by our Central American branch bosque para los Niños.
While we are still waiting for the official announcement of our branch by the state registry, we are not delaying and, under the guidance of our colleague Leonel Alonso Delgado Pereira, a base for the launch of volunteer programs is being cheerfully built in the reserve, which will welcome the first volunteers as part of the zero program this summer.
This territory is full of incredible flora, especially when it comes to orchids. About 500 species of these unique plants are to grow here. Below we attach a small sample of footage from Daniel McLaren, , who did the first survey of the reservation a few years ago and provided us with his photos for the presentation. Judge for yourself.
The new forest area that has become part of our activities has 73 hectares of secondary forest connected to tapanti national park. The advantage of buying this reserve is that in the past, non-original cypress trees were planted here in a small area, which will serve as building material. The Costa Rican government approves the gradual felling of non-native tree species, which will replace the original vegetation of the rainforest, mist forest.
Despite the fact that construction always brings negative interventions at the beginning, due to the incredibly rapid regeneration and functionality of the local ecosystem, we know that in the next year this place will be unrecognizable.
Currently, our new reservation is under construction of a volunteer centre, including accommodation and facilities for volunteers who will come to help us protect and monitor endangered animal species while engaging in work activities in building the reserve. From July 2021, together with volunteers, monitoring of American jaguars or tapirs and other mammals will be launched, which we will document thanks to trail cameras in this area and not only that.

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