Eye of the Jaguar – Costa Rica I.


On January 5, 2021, a four-man Eye of the Jaguar team will fly to Costa Rica to launch another monitoring program as part of the Eye of the Earth project. The team composed of Milan Jeglík, Zuzana Koloušková, Alena Bendová and Jan Janoušek brings 50 UV595HD camera trails + 40 protective boxes with locks and 10 Predator Micro camera trails to the two national parks to search for jaguars and other animals for two months.
It is also part of the support of Costa Rica rangers GPS navigation, laptop and camera. The main coordinator of the whole mission and the start of cooperation is Leonel Alonso Delgado Pereira. Monitoring the Eye of the Jaguar is under the auspices of the Costa Rica Minister of the Environment and in cooperation with universities. The aim of the cooperation is the protection of jaguars and their monitoring for research purposes of their behavior and, above all, their occurrence. Our camera trails will also protect them from poaching that will be unmasked by them
Anyone interested in following this extraordinary expedition to the Central American forest and the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean coast, so he and the team of cameramen and rangers will go to the underwater world off Caño Island, to drake bay to see whales, to the rainforest and wetlands of Corcovado National Park, or to mountain mist forests, dry mountain forests and volcanoes in Quanacaste National Park and not only there.
On the final month, the sponsor of the whole event and another team of Czech colleagues will arrive to join the expedition who will follow in the footsteps of the monitoring team and will have the opportunity to meet them in the field.
Several films will be screened from the entire nearly three-month mission, which will be submitted to film festivals and will also be screened at the 10th IRF World Ranger Congress in the Azores, Portugal, in 2022 as a promotion of international ranger cooperation.
We will keep you informed about this from 5th of Jan.