Green Life Reservation – Costa Rica


From May 2021, the construction of a volunteer centre has started, which from July 2021 will be the basis for the first international volunteering programs.

The building wood was used from non-native cypress trees, which were planted in the reserve by the previous owner in the past. The Costa Rica Government supports the elimination of these non-native trees from the original ecosystems, so we have taken advantage of this possibility.


We chose metal for the volunteer center for reasons of resistance to external influences and especially termites. So far, $15,000 has been invested in construction, including workers, and we expect the entire structure, including sanitary facilities and equipment, to cost about $25,000. Another necessary investment is the off-road car 4×4 (US $12,000), which will play an important role in supply and passenger transport associated with jaguar monitoring throughout Costa Rica.

This year, the Green Life reserve is expected to reach an area of up to 95 hectares, as the current 73 hectares will be joined by the neighboring 22 hectares, which we would also like to buy out by the end of 2021. The reserve will include maintained trails and several observation towers, which should again be with a metal structure. We also plan to build several forest cottages that will serve our project partners and at the same time for managed ecotourism. 2021 is a key year in terms of building the whole project, whereas from 2022 everything should be in full swing. At the beginning of June 2021, we managed to complete the opening of our Costa Rica branch called Bosque para los Niños, so the whole project activity becomes a legitimate activity for the protection of nature and endangered animal species in Costa Rica in cooperation with Leonel Alonso Delgado Pereira, who is also the head of the IRF Rangers Association for Central America.