Green Patrol in action

The Eye of the Tiger monitoring program in Sumatra has been restored again after more than 3 years to its original form, i.e. monitoring in Gunung Leuser National Park in cooperation with rangers and our field team led by Jusli Farasian Ginting.

We are very happy, because what made the most sense in Sumatra was precisely the protective monitoring of Sumatran tigers, which are at greatest risk from international poaching for traditional Chinese medicine (tiger bones, dried penises, fur, teeth, claws, entrails, etc.) .

Restart of the Eye of Tiger energy in Sumatra.

Thanks to new data from the field, which confirmed us to continue, we agreed with Juslim and agreed to his proposal to create a base for Green Patrol in Batu Katak, Sumatra. We think it’s high time we put tiger protection and monitoring back into the game, more effectively than in the past.

Despite the fact that we were robbed in 2022 by the YHUA organization and Zbyňek Hrábek of the reservation and the Tiger House, we never gave up the fight for the protection of Sumatran tigers. We kept the Green Patrol going in the difficult and not very effective 2023 when it was wall to wall. We admit that at several moments their future hung in the balance and they were more or less saved by the intervention of colleague Petr Coubal, who together with Honza Suchý put them in charge.
We understand that many people have left Green Patrol support during covid and the last years of social chaos and our uncertainty, but we can’t do things we don’t believe in, we don’t want to lie that something works when it’s not true. We are not politicians, we don’t have a PR department, we don’t want to manipulate and look for words to please everyone at any cost and that’s why we are sometimes difficult for many of you, but believe that everything has a reason.

Today, we can say that Green Patrol’s activities make sense to us again, and that is why we are giving Green Patrol and the Yphl Pahiles organization a new project home, a house that they will have for rent, where they will store their things, equipment and also be able to rest their heads there.

If people help we will improve it and make it a significant place again for tiger conservation and meeting people etc. We know it is not Tiger House but it has been blatantly stolen from all of us who have supported it. If we want to continue in Sumatra, we have to start all over again. Winners are not those who just win, but those who pick themselves up even after they lose. In addition, a loss led by a fall is not a loss, but a fraud, that is, for us, motivation to continue.

Thank you to everyone who continues to unwaveringly support Green Patrol even after all the complexities we have been going through in the last two years. We are happy to have our team back in field action as that is exactly what our true mission is. Field and meaningful action!
We ask you to once again support Green Patrol, the Indonesian colleagues who monitor Sumatran tigers and detect poaching. So little is enough to make everything work, just 5 euros per month to a transparent Green Patrol (Tiger patrol) account no. 2600885307/2010 can do wonders.
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Thank you!