Justice for Nature inspires America

A little more people around the world can hear now story of Justice for Nature initiative run by Forest for Children. We’re pleased that Catherine Praiswater invited us to her podcast called Your Positive Imprint. The series of interviews tells the stories of people who are actively working on the world being a better and happier place to live. You can listen to inspiring talks on many different topics from all around the world on the platforms below.

The interview published on March 9, 2020 with Catherine was led by our fundraiser, spokeswoman and association member Alena Bendová. It explains the practical functioning of the projects, but also touches the core of the world’s problems in nature conservation and the ethical framework of the relationship between man and nature.

Share our story with your English speaking friends, and please remember that everyone can help create with us the story of wildlife and animals for the future.

Pleasant listening!