Looking back at the winter Eye of Jaguar

This year’s Eye of the Jaguar monitoring program will continue not only in our Green Life reserve, where pumas, ocelots and tapirs have once again appeared, but especially in La Amistad National Park, where we have deployed 20 camera traps on the Valeo Silencio route.

The first inspection expedition in 2024 took place in January. The deployment of Oxe wifi Hunter camera traps in the Pittier sector was highly anticipated, where we went first and where we first visited the Cerro Pittier mountain, which has 2856 m.a.s.l., a night in a tent in the wilderness and a new terrain, where we set out to deploy 9 camera traps. Four small Bunaty and Predator camera traps, which are placed on poachers and illegal entrances to the park, were also inspected.

After a one-day rest, we had a three-day monitoring trip to the well-known and our favorite, but challenging Valeo Silencio.

Two months later, we returned to La Amistad National Park and while checking the camera traps, we had a black panther on the camera trap right at the beginning and another one a few kilometers further. Amazing! However, we also caught the second group of poachers on photo traps after a year and passed the data on to the rangers.

The winter monitoring Eye of the Jaguar was behind us and the next inspection of camera traps awaits us in July 2024, when we are preparing a major anti-poaching campaign in cooperation with the rangers.

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