New Tower in the Sekelam Valley

Slowly but surely there’s a new watch tower growing, following our Nepali collegues’ pattern, in the Green Life’s area in Sekelam Valley. Stable concrete pillars will carry the wooden house that will serve as an observating point.

The volunteer camp III had to be moved due to the problems with NP Gunung Leuser borders that had been poorly measured by the NPGL officers in the past. But we took it as an opportunity to build this unique hut with beautiful view overlooking the Sekelam river, where the elephants migrate up the stream and where the Sumatran tigers live. This watch tower will serve as the station for the ranger’s watch and also for volunteers who will be heading there as soon as the borders are re-opened. It’s hard to say when and what year that will be. 

The nature consrvation and the protection of endangered species must continue even in this unsure time. So we ask all the responsible people to continue supporting the Green Life project for it is an extraordinary story of a huge Czech-Slovak-Indonesian energy and friendship.