The current coronavirus situation does not help nature conservation efforts worldwide, but still our Anti-Poaching team Blue Patrol is full steam ahead at the island of Bangkar. Our team cleans turtle nests from drifting rubbish and wood to keep Amandanga beach in relative clean condition. Furthermore, the different sectors were re-marked and regular patrol activity starts to take place protecting turtle nesting sites.

The curiosity of recent weeks is the repeated presence of a saltwater crocodile on the beach, resulting in the injury and death of one of the sea turtles, which the crocodile bit the leg off.

This was the first story, but it all happened little differently. How? The crocodile was eating the turtle, but he didn’t catch it. The turtle and other fish appeared on Amandanga beach and the cause of their deaths was illegal fishing using explosives. This method is completely devastating and kills many non-target animals, only a part of them will wash up stunned and more than 90% of the animals killed will go down. Previously, dynamite, today explosives are made from nitrogen fertilizers, consisting of a glass bottle equipped with a smolder that burns underwater and after throwing explosives into the sea will explode beneath the surface, all nearby dies of ruptured lungs or bladder and everything that is in the greater distance is stunned. This crime is the responsibility of fishing boats (I will not specify before the event), they are also armed with firearms. We are preparing a major crackdown on these fishermen in cooperation with the state authorities.

Washed up dead fish on the beach Amandanga.

Zbyněk Hrábek and our Blue Patrol team will go into action and financial support is also needed. The  first activity of OPERATION KARETA is estimated at £1,400 and I don’t think it’s going to be the last. We need to create a strong anti-poaching fund where people will contribute not only to the monthly operation of anti-poaching patrols, but for a direct combat action, i.e. a crackdown on illegal fishermen. This is how these fishing groups kill sharks, stingrays, dolphins, sea turtles and will not stop at any creature of the oceans.

If you care, become part of an international force that supports anti-poaching activities with the Forest of Children association and initiative Justice for Nature.