Tattoo for Blue Life

Thanks to the perfect tattoos, this year there was a beneficial tattoo to support the Blue Patrol anti-poacher patrol, which this year was licensed to protect the island of Bangkaru and the Pulau Banyak archipelago, where sea turtle lay their eggs, where not only sharks are present, dugongs, but also whales and many other fascinating beings which need our interest, support and help…

The auction of the creations, was launched on October 13th 2019 and the possibility of bidding was up to November 21st 2019 by 8 pm.

Thanks to all of them, the wonderful CZK 109,222 that landed in the transparent “Save the Turtle” account has been collected and will become a major financial injection for the running of the anti-poaching patrol for two months in 2020!

Huge thanks to all the tatters who drew the motifs, working half a day like screws, plus no royalty claim  Miro Pridal, Jiri Zmetek Vintr, Tomáš Marčík, Krša Radek Marčík Petr Hub, So fly Ink Tattoo Art Shop, Veronika Maly Pojer Filip, KatieKunc tattoo Lusy Kunc_tattooartist, New Wave Tattoo & Gallery , @audrey michelle Mirek Kopinec, Jakob z ORIGIN TATTOO, Denisa Lujková, Roman Dvorak. 

And we want to thank with this much, of course, everyone who participated in the auction, bidding and thus showing an interest in financial support for the oceans. Namely Mira Hanák, Ondřej Slabý, Ivo Válka, @jakub merell, Mara Tichý, @tomáš hop kupka, @pavlína menoušková, Ludvik Ruzicka , @honza buček, Andrea Topinková, @sona ryšánková.

The tattoo motifs included the auction of two underwater-themed paintings by Roman Dvorak , which were auctioned by Mira Hanák &Tereza an incredible CZK 22,222!


We thank everyone with this for the support we greatly appreciate!