The Evaluation of the COVID-19 Period


The period of time between the end of March until the end of May became a test for all of us. The association Forest for Children got itself into a very difficult situation, but thanks to hundreds of its supporters everything was managed well in the end. That’s why the big ‘Thank you’ belongs to all of you.

We would like to review the financial situation of the anti-poaching activities of Green Patrol and Blue Patrol for you to be updated.


The current state of the bank accounts on 1st of June 2020:

  • Green Patrol CZ – 200 000 CZK (it is cca 40 000 CZK monthly)

  • Green Patrol SK – 1335 Euro = 35 000 CZK(it is cca 300 Euro = 7 800 CZK monthly)

  • Blue Patrol – 55 000 CZK (it is cca 24 000 CZK monthly)


All toghether it means we could count on the foolowing numbers for this year:

  • Green Patrol CZ – 200 000 CZK we have, 280 000 CZK we should receive until the end of this year, all together it makes 480 000 CZK.

  • Green Patrol SK – 35 000 CZK we have, 54 000 CZK we should receive until the end of this year, all together it makes 89 000 CZK.

  • Blue Patrol – 55 000 CZK we have, 168 000 CZK we should receive until the end of this year, all together it makes 223 000 CZK..


All together we could count on the income of 792 000CZK for the year 2020.



  • Green Patrol + YHUA – 80 000 CZK monthly

  • Blue Patrol + YSAN – 50 000 CZK monthly in reduced state

All expenses: 130 000 CZK monthly


We have the information that the project Green Life can make it until the end of this August with the current funds.


Until the end of this year, we count on the costs of anti-poaching activities: Green Patrol, Blue Patrol, cooworking organizations YHUA and YSAN and to keep the reservation going:

  • Green Patrol + YHUA – 80 000 CZK x 4 months = 320 000 CZK

  • Blue Patrol + YSAN– 50 000 CZK x 7 months = 350 000 CZK


THE EXPENSES all together: 670 000 CZK

Further, we employed a deaf-mute ranger for monitoring of Singkil area before COVID-19:

  • 3200 CZK monthly x 7 months = 22 400 CZK (we would like to go back to thati)


We would like to renew the waste programs:

  • 10 000 CZK monthly– here we need to kickstart the financing, because that used to be financed completely out of our volunteering programs.

In this time we could foresee that with the mentioned budget we could make it until the end of 2020 in the scale and frame we used to work before the COVID-19 crisis. The only thing we need to kickstart is to direct people to support the account CLEAN THE OCEAN that finances the waste programs in Pulau Banyak islands. We believe, at this stage, that the start of our e-shop will really help.

As you can see, we managed to overcome the first round of the COVID-19 crises, but we cannot be that naive to assume that we can go back to 100% of our pre-crisis activities without any change. More than that, our volunteering programs for this year are lost entirely, which is a huge loss in human and financial resources. But we need to point out that the Forest for Children association, with the support and help of hundreds, maybe thousands of people, could set up a completely unique system of funding that can not only protect the world’s natural heritage, but also resist the system crisis. We very much appretiate the cooperation with people, all of you, and we believe that we will continue this way in the future.

100 CZK Monthly Makes Wonders:

If we could ask you for one single thing, it would be this one: Please, anyone who can, direct two open minded people to join us with a monthly contribution of only100 CZK for anti- poachng watches Green or Blue Patrol, or Clean the Ocean. The more of us will contribute, the more stable our teams will be and the crisis will be easier to overcome.


Thank you all!