The first zero volunteer program in Costa Rica is behind us…


On 3 July 2021, the 0th Green Life volunteer program in Costa Rica was launched, when the first seven volunteers arrived in difficult booking conditions to help build a volunteer and educational center, including monitoring using trail cameras.

Volunteers built railings on the upper terrace of the center, further cleaned the area after tree logging of non-original cypresses, built a kitchen, bar and helped with creating trails or preparing wood.
The program also included a survey of the reserve and its surroundings, including a gradual taxonomy of biodiversity and the placement of the first 9 trail cameras. At the beginning, capuchin monkeys were physically observed and Howler monkeys and foxes were heard, tayra (Eira barbara) and coati, hummingbirds, drongos, toucans were observed. Traces of a small feline and raccoons, drongo, agouti (Dasyprocta punctata) and paca (Cuniculus paca) appeared on trail cameras.

Furthermore, monitoring took place in the La Marta Reservation, where the gates of cooperation were opened to us. There were 10 trail cameras and we helped with the cleaning of the trails.

To entertain, relax and remember the warm water, we visited the local thermal (mineral) spa in small town Orosi, which we appreciated a lot.

We have to say that despite bad weather, challenging conditions and one large unknown, the first zero program was successful and helped us find out what needs to be improved, created and where the following programs in the new reservation will go.

We already know that the place that now falls under the wings of Green Life will be a great gem and a new paradise among our projects and not only that…

We thank the volunteers for their help, patience and for handling difficult conditions! We appreciate it.