The Forest for Children branch and a new reservation in Costa Rica have been born…


At the end of July 2021, the whole process of redemption of the forest valley on the border with tapanti national park in Costa Rica was finalized, which becomes a continuation of the great human story of Green Life and the Forest For Children Association.
During the end of June and July, the process of legalizing the project activities of the Forest for Children branch in Costa Rica called Bosque para los Niños was being completed, including the very complicated opening of a bank account with the National Bank. Furthermore, on July 13, 2021, the final contract for the transfer of land from the original owner, Mr. José Robert, to Bosque para los Niños was signed, and finally the transfer of USD 150,000 to his account, which was the last completion of the process. By this event, the Green Life project in Costa Rica has been officially launched. In the end, the final area of the forest reserve is not the original 73 hectares, but the entire 95 hectares, which is unique news and a breathtaking start.
To be self-reliant in Costa Rica, an older TOYOTA HILUX from 1995 , was also purchased, which meets all the requirements for challenging off-road terrain in the Green Life Costa Rica reserve area. As a support, our Toyota was printed on by the local Costa Rica company ROTULUS SUPERCOLOR z Ciudad Colón, which we thank very much for this!