The second 0th volunteer Costa Rica program is successfully behind us


August was in the spirit of work in our Green Life reserve in Costa Rica, the joint construction of a volunteer center, which gradually took its final form. Volunteers from the Czech and Slovak Republics participated significantly.

Volunteers slept in rooms for 4 on bunk beds from the beginning. Cleaning, painting, finishing ceiling rails, finishing staircases and terraces, rooms were fitted with windows and doors, sidewalks were built and social services were started.
Despite the large amount of work on the center, there was also enough time to monitor the Eye of the Jaguar with the help of trail cameras, cut through new and old overgrown forest paths, we explored new territories, including magical hills or magnificent river lagoons for swimming. Volunteers were cutting through the trail with our grandfather Ademar along the border with Tapanti National Park.
A great event was the connection between Green Life and El copal reserves, where the old trail was restored to create a unique route for wild animals, volunteers, patrols and ecotourists. We have installed 6 trail cameras and continued to monitor the private reservation La Marta, where we have 9 trail cameras.
The great adventure was exploring the wetland lagoon at green life reserve, or the first encounter with a sharply poisonous shrub snake. By trail cameras checking we’ve found that we normally have ocelots or smaller wild cats Leopardus wiedii in the reserve. So far, a cougar has appeared, followed by wild peccaries. A documented tapir is also a gem of the reservation. Common mammals in the reserve include black marten Tayra, opossum, squirrels, coati, paca, Agouti, forest rabbits, rare deer (Mazama temena) and armadillo, which are observable even from a close range. Of the monkeys, white-faced capuchin live here and yet invisible but distinctly hearable Howler monkey.
The Eye of the Jaguar monitoring program will be completed in the first phase in September 2021, when we will put together our first report, including a short film. As for the second volunteer group, a huge amount of work has been accomplished at the volunteer center, which will be officially open from 20 November 2021 to international volunteering programs, which you can sign up to today!


Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your help!