Tiger Incidents 

in Sumatra


2020 was marked by tiger conflicts in Sumatra. There was more than enough of them, but the end of the year was absolutely hectic. From November 2020 to 8th of January 2021 the tiger killed 10 cows, of which the last two incidents were in 6th January (2 cows) and 8th of January (1 cow) this one even pregnant. We were able to identify this beast via our monitoring and it is the same tiger that we have in the Green Life reserve since November.

He’s a beautiful male who’s obviously got custom to easy cow hunting. Zbyněk Hrábek with the Green Patrol team oversees conflict monitoring and cooperates with BKSDA, Gunung Leuser National Park and WCS organization, which builds fenced enclosures for farmers to house cows for the night when the tiger is active.

There is a huge amount of work ahead of us, we need to get four off-road motorcycles for quick intervention in tiger conflicts, we are planning telemetry using specialized collar for the problematic tiger and working with communities on a fundamental problem that is poaching in the area and disturbance of the tiger in his natural territory in the rainforest and the loss of its natural food of sambar deer and wild pigs. It will be desirable to build more enclosers for cows, and unfortunately it is not possible to exclude the taking of this troubled tiger and his movement deeper into the national park. 2021 is probably going to be a very interesting…