Today, July 31, 2020, we honor the memory of rangers fallen in the fight to protect nature and rare animal species around the world. Men and women face danger, they die, they are murdered and they fall exhausted in their demanding service to Earth. Today, each of us remembered their courage and their sacrifices, that we must calculate with on this uneasy journey.

Last year and this year, the Prales Association made a significant commitment to support guards around the world. Together we support our two anti-poaching patrols Green Patrol and Blue Patrol in Sumatra. Yesterday, July 30th,The World Ranger Day 2020 ceremony took place also here.

However, we are not thinking just about our projects.

Thus, we supported the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary private reservation with 14 photo traps to protect rhinos last year. In Mozambique, we provided ICORP organization with 10 photo traps to protect rhinos. We also supported treatment of an ICORP ranger after a car accident on duty with a total of 600 USD.

Last November, we attended the The 9th IRF World Ranger Congress in Nepal, where we experienced the amazing atmosphere of the world cooperation of the large family of wildlife rangers. This year, we sent support of 3,000 USD to the Democratic Republic of Congo to protect gorillas and to support the families of 12 murdered rangers in Virunga National Park.

We have 45 photo traps in Slovakia for monitoring and protection of bears and wolves in cooperation with ŠOP SR. Despite the fact that the coronavirus situation is complicated, we try to do our best to protect nature not only abroad, but also in the Czech Republic, where we became voluntary rangers for the Vysočina region in June 2020.

Tomorrow we will take part in the World Ranger Day on Panská skála, from where we will bring another report for you. Here in the Czech Republic we also focus on the enlightenment, upbringing and education of children, who also celebrated and remembered World Ranger Day 2020 at this year’s Green Life – Ranger Junior summer camp and sent the most beautiful message to the world’s nature rangers.

We love what we do, and we do it to its fullest!

Thank you for being in this together with us!