Save the rain forests before it is obtained by who wants to destroy …

Since 2009 we have been buying the tropical rain forest in Sumatra thanks to public support and we show a real example of its protection in the form of the creation of the rain forest-based Czech-Slovak-Indonesian Green Life reservation on the border with NP Gunung Leuser. Every man can save his piece of forest and give the world hope for a green future.

The devastation of the rain forest in the name of economy and unsustainable development is a tragedy and a crime of the present. Most people participate in it in their consuming way of life. Demand for tropical timber, massive paper consumption, or excessive meat consumption, as well as world trade in wild animals, are proof of this. The consumption of food and the use of cosmetics containing palm oil only illustrates this sad development of human civilization, which hardly recognizes its share of responsibility for the devastation of rain forests through palm oil. The cultivation of GMO soy, which feeds billions of farm animals raised for meat, skin, or milk or eggs, has a large share of the blame for destroying rain forests.

Day after day, multinationals corporations are destroying rain forests and, together with criminal organizations, ravaging our planet Earth in the name of world consumption. They have enough money to buy the whole forest areas and then burn them or cut them down to replace them with large-scale plantations of palm oil, soy, eucalyptus or teak. Our daily consumption reflects the state of the environment worldwide.

What ca we do who do not care?

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Every person can save a piece of forest and express their personal attitude to this issue. 1 m2 of rainforest a day creates O2 for one living being on Earth.

Ordinary earned person can save 1 ar of the rain forest (10 × 10 m), which costs 900 CZK = 900 breathing beings a day. Ordinary companies can give a donation to save 10 ares, which is CZK 9,000 = oxygen per day for 9,000 beings. Movable people and large business companies can afford to save their hectare of forest, investing in the creation of oxygen for 90,000 beings per day. Each rescued piece of forest is provided with a certificate obtained by the savior himself. Together we are creating a huge world example of saving rainforests and a visible Green Life Reserve in Sumatra.


A meter, ten meters, an acr, a hectar or more?


  1. Contact us by e-mail and write us what name and text you want with dedication on a gift certificate. Furthermore, the address where to send the certificate.

    1. Pay the amount for 1 ar = 945 CZK (45 CZK is the recommended price for registered mail sent by post) to a transparent account PROTECT THE FLOWERS – 2000885303/2010 and report the sending to the above email. To expedite sending, also send an electronic confirmation of payment.

    2. Within a few days, you will receive a certificate by mail to the address above.
    3. When the certificate arrives, report the receipt.

    4. Should the certificate be delayed more than a week from the date of payment, please claim on the above email. 

!!! Each certificate is provided with an original hologram sticker GREEN LIFE !!!


Who would like something extraordinary, be sure to take advantage of the offer of these ethical companies that have decided that part of the money from their product goes to save the forest. You will get not only the original T-shirt or bracelet, but also some of them directly and the certificate “Savior of the forest”.


Together or separately


Kolekce Dark Future chrání prales. Z každého výrobku putují finance na záchranu 10 m pralesa.


Kolekce Dark Future chrání prales. Z každého výrobku putují finance na záchranu 10 m pralesa.


The Dark Future collection protects the forest. Every product is financed by 10 m of rain forest


Dohromady nebo zvlášť ?


It’s important to look at this serious problem in context. Rainforests started to be massively cut down roughly 100 years ago. For this time period, human ability to destroy multiplied drastically using technological advancements, proportionately to demands of growing world’s population.

Today we have a number of main reasons for the destruction of rainforests. It’s a demand for tropical timber, wooden coal, burning forests for acquiring farmlands and agriculture, where land becomes palm oil plantation or soja (mainly used as food for farm animals), eukalyptus (paper) or timber. There is a concerning problem in Africa with manufacturing wooden coal from tropical timber. Very serious problem is illegal mining of minerals such as oil and expensive metals (gold) Destruction of rainforest intensifies by world demand for commodities listed above, with which the global market is doing business with. Supervision and control of the illegal mining activities and burn-down of rainforests is left to criminal organisations, which supervise the whole rainforest areas and control deforestation in the name of business and trade markets & brokers.

If the international trade is under threat from eco activists, similar minded individuals or groups, then these criminal groups are on a mission to resolve this threat. Using all means necessary even by kidnaping and murder. It is very easy to transport all these minerals anywhere these days thanks to well established shipping industry that helps speed up the destruction of rainforests in Amazonia in South America, in Congo Basin in Africa, or in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia. At the end of this chain is business man, trade brokers, bankers and of course consumers, who pay for rainforest destruction by buying the above described commodities. Circle is complete and internationally organised crime accomplished. Now you know the connections that relate to rainforest destruction.


In 2019, a major change in owning the redeemed land of reservation greenlife took place. The original owner Ali Rusli was suspended and removed from the project for unreliability and misusing his powers as a president of YHUA (Yayasan Hutan Untuk Anak – rainforest for kids in Indonesian) and precautions were made so that all the land is solely under the ownership of non -profit organisation YHUA where its constitution was rewritten. All with agreement from the renter of the land Milan Jeglik. How does it look with the land since August 2019?

  • Plots and pieces of the land are under the ownership of non profit organisation YHUA. Before the purchase of a land from local owners, the land is re-measured and it’s borders highlighted.

  • People who sell those plots are mostly their renters from the state and therefore obtain an agreed financial compensation from us for acquiring their rights to use land for agricultural activity, in most cases it’s caoutchouc growing (natural rubber) or palm oil plantation.

  • These lands are acquired for use by YHUA for a minimum time of 100 years with a contract from Indonesian Land Registry Institution including an option to extend it for another 100 years.

  • The next step is a contract between organisations YHUA and Prales Detem who sponsors the whole project financially in order to return the lands of ecosystem Leuser, which also protects the border of NP Gunung Leuser from Human activity and illegal activities.

  • A new status of reservation Green Life is coming to life, where lands are transformed from agricultural land to a social forest which complies with nature protection and educational role (2020).

  • The Green life’s land security is guaranteed by so called konsorcium of three
    non-profit organisations: Yayasan Hutan Untuk Anak, Yayasan Save Aceh Nature and Prales dětem. All is legally binding via notary and under supervision of the legal office in Medan. The land can’t be handled without an agreement of all 3 organisations and the legal department.

  • In 2019 the land security of reservation Green Life became the most stable!



  • By sponsoring the redemption with a donation towards reservation Green Life the person or group have no ownership rights to this acquired land.

  • There is no possibility to build any type of accomodation or other building.

  • This land is returned back to nature of the ecosystem Leuser and it’s inhabitants becoming wild animals.

  • This land has no commercial use, it’s forbidden to log timber, hunt in any form including fishing and to open an openfire.

  • Saved and redeemed land is not always a grown rainforest, a lot of times is a
    secondary rainforest, or acquired caoutchouc plantations. All land is left for nature to take over naturally without any human activity. The most we do is to plant few fruit trees at some plots for support of livelihood for wild animals.

  • Cutting trees is only allowed in case of a dried out tree threatening a camp by falling. Otherwise it is not allowed and all is left for natural development & processes.

  • The only human intervention in the reserve is maintaining the walking paths and borders of NP Gunung Leuser neighbouring with reservation Green Life, highlighting the borders of the reserve and maintaining the camps I-III

  • No human can demand any right on this land. This land belongs to wild nature and animals.

  • Every supporter of the rainforest in the benefit of the world heritage reservation Green Life shows their own attitude towards mother nature and their “moral” ownership they paid for, donated to nature and its regeneration and evolution. 
  • Every saviour of 1 hectare of rainforest = 100 ars (land of reserve Green Life) can spend one week per year in the Green Life reserve free of charge as valued guest and supporter of the rainforest!

It was year 2004 when Milan Jeglik ventured to Sumatra for the first time with the intention of getting to know the rainforest. His first experience was so intense that it influenced his life, so much so that in the year 2007 and 2008 he epeatedly visited Sumatra and used to return to the rainforest with help of a local guide Ali Rusli to see wilderness, wild orangutans and tigers. In 2009 the essential decision was made to buy 4 hectares of the forest land at the border of NP Gunung Leuser thanks to a company from Prague – Grexim, which provided financial support. This allowed the base of the reserve to be founded and later expanded to 10 hectares during the year and the first rainforest camp was established. In the same year a public association called Prales Detem (Rainforest for kids) was founded with Pavel Bakovky as a president and the first volunteer programs started in 2010. In 2012 Intermedia Grexim handed over the whole agenda to Milan Jeglik who became new president of the association which was ncorporated in to a non-profit organisation in 2014. In 2012 Zuzana Kolouskova joined the project and eventually became a vice president. In the following years a big progress was made in the project Green Life and its reserve was expanding step by step from the support of general public donations. Between years 2014 and 2017 another two rainforest camps were constructed in the valley of river Sekelam. In the year 2019 the reservation Green Life reached 121 ha of redeemed land.