We are a team of people who decided to take an action in the terrain in lots of corners of wilderness on the planet earth. Our steps walk towards Sumatra in Indonesia, where we coordinate two anti-poaching patrols of two projects: Green Life and Blue Life. You will find our trail marks in Africa – Uganda or Mozambique. Same Way we engage in nature and animal protection in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Now, we are entering Kongo, Nepal and Costa Rica. Reason of our activity is urgency of taking field actions, uncover poaching activities, illegal tree logging or education of kids, as well as adults and even Rangers themselves. We are a team that won’t stop. We are a team of International Ranger Federation.


Milan Jeglík

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Zuzana Koloušková

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Zbyněk Hrábek

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Štěpán Balcařík

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Petr Coubal

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Tomáš Šmátrala

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Michaela Kršáková

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Alena Bendová

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Jan Suchý

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Veronika Karpíšková

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Karel Černý

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Andrea Bagiová

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Viktorie Mezerová

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Aneta Tonzarová

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Lucie Klemešová

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Miroslav Přidal

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Miroslav Vymazal

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Adéla Jiřičková

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Jonáš Kopp

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Václav Koucký

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