Since 2010 we organize volunteer activities in Sumatra. Green & Blue program offers knowledge and active participation in the conservation of rainforest and coral reefs in the Pulau Banyak archipelago in the Indian Ocean. You will get acquainted with the work of anti-poaching patrols and you can meet orangutans, sea turtles, crocodiles and other rare animal species.

The Green & Blue Volunteer Program does not deal with humanitarian aid. All activities aim to protect nature, animals, Gunung Leuser National Park and the underwater world of the Pulau Banyak archipelago. These activities include environmental education and training programs for children and adults.

We thank you for respecting our environmental program, which aims to bring out a new generation of children that is better connected to nature than their parents. Their greatest gift is to understand nature and the context that will bring them back to a true understanding of nature.

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What awaits me at Green?

Involved in working in the Green Life Reserve (cutting paths, maintaining and servicing forest camps, painting cabins and the Tiger House base), you will join the monitoring program Eye of the Tiger (deploying trail cameras and collecting data, including sorting and evaluating). You will be part of the patrol activity (Green Life Reservation and Gunung Leuser National Park with our anti-poaching patrol). You will find out how little you need to live (life without electricity in the forest, without a fridge, often without signal, water from the forest, toilets overlooking the jungle).

What awaits me at Blue?

You will test your patience during a long Sumatran transport and crossing to Pulau Banyak (along the sulfur bath). You will become a part of beach cleaning from alluvial plastic and other garbage. You will explore the underwater world, help protect sea turtles and coral reef. Of course there is involvement in the camp activities and familiarization with the anti-poaching team Blue Patrol and their activities. You will learn basic cooking skills and find that it is possible to cook without meat and animal produce. You work in a team of people in the wild and get a break from civilization.

2021 Volunteer Program

Volunteers spend half of their time on the Green Life project (12 days) in the rainforest at Gunug Leuser NP and the other half (12 days) on Blue Life in the Pulau Banyak archipelago on the Indian Ocean. The volunteers will learn about five unique tropical ecosystems, which are rainforests, coral reefs, seashore (beaches, rocks, mangrove forests…), tropical wetlands and lowland rainforest.




Our organization does not receive any subsidies or grants. For this reason, the programs are paid. The balance is used to support the operation of the reservation and anti-poaching patrols. It’s entirely financed by public.


PRICE £600.00
(Green £300.00 / Blue £300 )

Indonesia is still closed to tourism due to ongoing pandemic and we cannot estimate when it will be possible to participate in the Green and Blue volunteer program.

We’re constantly monitoring the situation. Please contact us for more info.

  • All travels between the rainforest and islands (including ships).
  • All accommodation and meals (for the whole program) and one night in Singkil.
  • Seacrocodiles expedition
  • Bath in sulfur spa

Please click on the application form to sign up for our volunteer program.

If you have already summited an application form you can use PayPal below to pay the deposit or the full program. Alternatively you can make a payment to our bank account: 

Account number: 21124769
Sort code: 80-22-60
IBAN: GB57BOFS80226021124769  
Volunteer Program – Indonesia
  • Flights from UK/EU to Indonesia
  • Entry fee to the Gunung Leuser National Park (Rp150,000 = £10.00).
  • Cleaning Expedition of sea turtles nests on Pulau Bangkaru. 
  • Transport from and to the airport to the village Batu Katak and Singkil back to the airport, about £30.00.
  • Travel Insurance


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