We are a team of people who decided to take an action in the field of wilderness on the planet Earth. Our steps walk towards Sumatra in Indonesia, where we coordinate anti-poaching team Green Patrol in Leuser ecosystem. You will find our trail marks in Costa Rica. Same way we engage in nature and animal protection in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Reason of our activity is urgency of taking field actions, uncover poaching activities, illegal tree logging or education of kids, as well as adults and even Rangers themselves. We are a team that won’t stop.

We are member of the International Ranger Federation.


JUSTICE FOR NATURE was founded in 2009 in Prague as a civic association. In 2014 it was changed to an association and moved to Brno. Its main activities are the protection of the world’s natural heritage at international level, the promotion of anti-poaching activities, the purchase of rainforest, the education and world monitoring of animals in order to protect them and the development of educational programs for children on five continents.

Milan Jeglík


Zuzana Koloušková


Tomáš Šmátrala

President (SK)

Jan Suchý

Coordinator - Eye Of The Earth

Michaela Kršáková

Vice-President (SK)

Petr Coubal



Justice for Nature is funded by support from the general public, in particular by regular monthly contributions to the project’s transparent accounts. We also obtain funds from the sale of promotional items and from sponsorship donations from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our great strength is the partnership with the NEPZ project schools, which support the Eye of the Earth global monitoring project.

We do not receive government or EU subsidies or grants from abroad for the operation of the Justice for Nature association.

Our goal is project independence.


We respect life as a fundamental value, regardless of animal species, including humans.

We are vegetarians or vegans. The reason is love, respect and humility towards animals, as perfect earthlings. We respect people who have not yet discovered this path and show them the way.

We avoid products that obviously burden the environment as much as possible.

We live a considerate way of life, sort and minimize waste, use recycled paper, shop ethically and without unnecessary packaging.

We use means of transport such as cars and airplanes mainly in connection with conservation activities, getting to know nature and animals, and education. We perceive them as a necessary evil that allows us to use time efficiently and shorten distances associated with nature and animal protection activities.

We reject any cooperation with people involved in trophy hunting, in large-scale livestock farming, in systemic unethical science that commits crimes against animals and people. We reject trade in tropical wood, trade in animals, we do not participate in the systematic breeding of wild species of animals, including zoos and circuses.

We are not afraid to express our disapproval of harming nature and animals.

We honor and respect the laws of nature.

We honor values such as selfless love, honor, reliability, humility, courage, dedication and friendship.

We respect the freedom of all living beings regardless of species, so we do not participate in the captivity of animals for personal pleasure. We do not recognize the perverted love for wild animal species that is motivated by property, business and results in lifelong captivity of such living beings.

We respect the lengthy human process of awakening from historical mistakes based on traditions, superstitions and ignorance of the context, we value every change from a consumerist to an ethical way of life. We are patient, but not indifferent and cowardly. We explain and lead by example. We inform people about the facts of the devastation of nature, its importance and possible joint protection.

The greatest value of our human action is ethical cooperation for the protection of the environment and true humanity, which takes into account the whole of nature and the Earth as a priority that is superior to individual human interests and a destructive unsustainable economy.

All products offered by Justice for Nature z.s. try to maintain sustainability and ethics in relation to the environment, animals and people.

We are active and responsible citizens in relation to the protection of nature, animals and the environment.


Justice for Nature, z.s.