The Eye of a Bear, Monitoring and a New Cooperation


In the end of June the team “Eye of the Earth” took a trip to Slovakia to start monitoring the areas Kremnicke vrchy and NP Nizke Tatry and to collect the DNA materials of big carnivorous animals. All of that in cooperation with ŠOP SR. In the same time we were testing the new equipment that was donated to us by Czech outdoor outfitting company Husky.

By the end of the June we checked the phototraps that were monitoring the life of bears and wolves in Kremnicke vrchy. Many fantastic videorecords of big cats, wolves, bears and other animals were collected. Our many-year ongoing monitoring project is in collaboration with ŠOP SR, which is contractually confirmed until the end of 2021.

On 30.6.2020 the monitoring 7-member-team The Eye of the Earth, undertook an educational course in the hedquarters of National Nature Conservation Slovakia in Banska Bystrica, where they were authorized to monitor the animals with the use of phototraps and they were trained how to collect the DNA of brown bears and wolves in NP Nizke Tatry and Kremnicky Hills. They are authorized to do these activities all over 600km2 area.

The team Eye of the Earth began with monitoring on 1.7.2020.. They managed to place 18 phototraps during 12 days. Another 9 phototraps are used by the rangers of NP Nizke Tatry already from August 2019 and now they gained another 3 phototraps. In the course of 12 days the team found 6 samples of bear and 2 samples of wolf feces. All samples are placed in a refrigenator i the slovakian base camp and they will be sent to ŠOP in Banska Bystrica in August.

A part of our Slovakian mission is a cooperation with rangers and with Association of guards of protected areas in Slovakia. on 10.7.2020 we were invited to a training of the guards that took a place in Osty Grun CHKO Ponitri, where we began another cooperation with CHKO Štiavnické Vrchy.

The Eye of the Earth team went for a monitoring mission with a new equipment provided by a czech outdoor outfitting company Husky. The team’s goal was to test their products in a difficult terrain of Slovakian nature. After 12 monitoring days it’s safe to say that the equipment like jackets, trousers, sweatshirts and backpacks is really high quality and very comfortable for outdoor use.

We need to highlight that it’s a really very unique cooperation of the Forest for Children association with Slovakian collegues, rangers and national parks in order to protect the big carnivores like brown bears and wolves. We believe we can do a perfect job in Slovakia and we will even manage to deepen the cooperation.

Now it will be important for the people to react on the volunteering action and join this extraordinarily interesting and beneficial activities for the nature conservation and its fauna and flora.