Although we are nonprofit, we are also “Slušná firma“ /Decent Firm/

We are delighted that we have become new member of Slušná firma and have joined the community of ethical companies and organizations that have the ambition to contribute to building a better world and values.


It is a self-supporting community of organizations that have joined the movement to change the way we do business from unilaterally maximizing profits and externalizing damages to benefits for all concerned and taking responsibility for the consequences of business.

Company is one of the basic building blocks of our socio-economic system. How it works co-determines the values and overall debugging of the company. The founders and members of Slušná firma believe that change in the thinking and behavior of entrepreneurs ceases to be the choice of a narrow group of people and becomes an inevitable necessity.

But there is no easy recipe to change. It must take place, both from bottom and from above. From bottom by linking and supporting organizations that want to act and gathering examples to follow. From above through efforts to join forces and contribute to a change in public opinion, including exerting pressure on the legislator.


“We want to contribute to re-defining what success is and to building a new economy based on self-care, care one another and the planet.”

T. Hajzler, co-founder