Blue Kids in Sumatra celebrate 3rd anniversary

Children’s education is one of the main pillars of Justice for Nature’s philosophy and activities.

We are dedicated to this activity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the NEPZ program, starting in Costa Rica at the Blue Life II ocean education center. and for some years now we have also been supporting the extracurricular education of children from the Pulau Banyak archipelago from the village of Ujung Sialit on the island of Tuangku.

Here, the program is led by our colleague (and chairman of the non-profit organization Yayasan Ujung Sialit Belajar) Rius Zai. Together with a team of local teachers, they care for almost a hundred children between the ages of four and thirteen. They organize teaching and a program for improving personality and knowledge qualities for them.

Teachers provide children with individual extracurricular tutoring in writing, reading, but also the basics of the English language. Through games and collective activities, children are motivated to acquire good character traits and abilities, such as cooperation, patience, courage, responsibility, honesty, etc. Last but not least, as the red line of all activities, guidance for active nature conservation must not be missing. Children with teachers and volunteers go to collect waste and initiate actions to clean the village and maintain a healthier environment.

In June, the partner non-profit organization YUSB celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the establishment and operation of the educational program in the community. The celebrations were spectacular, as befits Indonesia.

We are preparing materials for children for an educational program about this wonderful ecosystem, near which they live and should protect it from uncontrolled devastation.

Blue Life Sikandang

In the meantime, Rius, as the administrator of the Blue Life I. campsite, takes care of its good condition and prepares everything for the return of ecotourism study programs and nature-beneficial visitors. Occasionally, the camp serves as a base for excursions and the stay of children from Ujung Sialit. They always enjoy the beauty of the island during the exercise and motivation program and help to clean it of garbage. It is for carrying out similar activities that we are looking for support, for example through our transparent account BLUE PATROL: 2901151729/2010, or from the new year also in person on the spot at our program. It is definitely worth experiencing a beneficial day for nature together with the children and drawing on their enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Return to direct action

After a forced pause in direct activity in nature conservation, with the personal participation of our representatives and volunteers, the protection of the underwater world will begin again, focusing on the coral reef. We will monitor its condition, clean up trash even under the surface thanks to freedivers and divers, intervene in the event of a critical number of crown-of-thorns starfish, build anchor buoys, etc.

We believe that with the return of volunteers and visitors, a lot of good work and positive development in the archipelago in relation to nature conservation and sustainable lifestyles will again be achieved.

You can support Blue Patrol Kids here 2901151729/2010

Thank you.