Eye of the Jaguar, monitoring – Costa Rica…


During this year, the Forest For Children organization was able to expand its monitoring program Eye of the Earth again, with the Eye of the Jaguar in Costa Rica.

In February 2021, we installed 60 UV595HD and Predator trail cameras in the terrain of the Corcovado National Park and ASG Guanacaste (Santa Rosa, Guanacaste and Viejo de la Vieja). These trail cameras mainly monitor American jaguars in cooperation with scientists from NGO NAMÁ Conservation, who send us regularly available data.

However, this is far from all.

In July 2021, together with volunteers, we deployed another 22 trail cameras, 9 in the Green Life Reserve, 3 on the Foggy Mountains ridge above the reserve at 1400-1600 m above the sea level, 5 in the La Marta Reserve and 5 in the El Copal Reserve. Another 5 had to be taken back to the Czech Republic with technical defects for returns.
During two months of intensive monitoring, we have american cougars, big ocelots, Margay and oncilla wild cats. From the feline carnivores, during the second part of the monitoring in the area near Tapanti National Park, we are missing only the American jaguar, the king of the American wilderness. The gem of the Green Life reserve is a monitored tapir. Armadillo, Agouti, or forest rabbits and squirrels are common.

A novelty of the Eye of the Jaguar is the launch of a monitoring in Tapanti national park from December 2021, where 20 trail cameras should be involved, which we need to get by the end of November.

We would like to ask you to support this unique monitoring mission, which you can participate not only as Trail Camera sponsors, but also as volunteers. 

Come in as a volunteer or support the monitoring mission financially via our PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  Single contribution or regular. Every little helps, and every drop is important for nature conservation. Thank you.