Forest for Children and its Blue Life mission to Costa Rica


Just as we are working on the Green Life and Blue Life projects in Sumatra, we are also intending to expand this mission to Costa Rica.

In Sumatra, there is a Blue Life project in the Pulau Banyak Archipelago on Sikandang Island, where in 2016 we bought 2 hectares of paradise island coastline and built a volunteer camp there for beach cleaning and sea turtle conservation project, which started in January 2017. Similarly, a unique blue life project is emerging in Costa Rica, which should be upgraded by purchasing an expedition ship to rebuild it into an educational, research and monitoring ship with an operational radio along the western Pacific coast of Costa Rica to the Panamanian island of Koiba.

After many negotiations with interesting and important people, we have come to the conclusion that this should be a close cooperation between several organizations with a focus on ocean protection and the education of children at sea.


In mid-March 2021, the first ship that meets our spatial requirements is in check, but of course it is necessary to check its technical condition. This service is volunteered for us by engineer Nathan from organisation Earthrace, sent to us by Captain Pete Bethune of the ship Modoc. It was on this ship that where a very important meeting with other potential collaborators took place. One of these partners is  NAMA, which is composed of researchers from universities, as well as the For The Oceans Foundation, whose boss Jorge Serendero has promised us support and cooperation. We also have several other negotiations with potential sponsors from the USA.

If this mission is successful, we should open not only educational programs for schools and children at sea in cooperation with the For The Oceans Foundation by January 2022 at the latest, but also research and monitoring cruises in cooperation with  NAMA and unique volunteer programs in connection with the Green Life project in the mountain rainforest.

Our large Costa Rica ocean mission also opens the door to potential partners who can participate in monitoring and research cruises, which will include scuba diving, after paying a partner fee of USD 10,000 for 5 years. This partnership will also be able to be extended on favorable terms.

What more could you wish for? What more could you wish for as a diver than to be part of such an oceanic mission in cooperation with universities, marine biologists and professional divers?

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