Forest for children for rainforests in Costa Rica


In January 2021, the Forest for children team flew to Costa Rica to monitor jaguars, but the mission expanded to a whole new level.


Our first interest was to tour the mountain forests at Tapanti National Park, where we decided to buy 72 hectares of forest valley owned by 84-year-old José Roberto, who sees us as continuing his life’s mission to protect the forest. This financial transaction will take place at the end of March or at the beginning of April 2021, immediately after the official establishment of the Branch of the Forest for Children Association in Costa Rica.

The price of 72 hectares of forest is $150,000 and we have a major sponsor who has saved and supported the purchase of 41.5 hectares of forest in Sumatra in the past. In this private reservation a volunteer camp will be constructed and basic facilities for ecotourism and scientific research focused on protection and monitoring.

We anticipate that from 2022, the entire volunteer forest mission will be open to volunteers and ecotourism, from which project activities will be supported.

We are currently looking for forest partners who will become part of the project for 5 years with a partner fee of $5000 and will be able to use the project facilities during this period in agreement with the Forest for Children Association with the possibility of extending the partnership with a discounted fee in the following years.

This is how another lineage of the Green Life project is created in Costa Rica, whose older brother has been successfully operating for 12 years in Sumatra, Indonesia, on the border with Gunung Leuser National Park.

You can now support the Costa Rica mission via our PayPal account.