Forky’s franchise becomes a partner of our organization!


It’s no secret that our organization is focused on the protection of wild nature, both from the direct field side and from the ethical side, i.e. what we eat, what we buy and who we support. In the same way, we try to pay maximum attention to those who, on the contrary, support us.

We are honored to announce that our beloved, vegan, ethical company and franchise restaurant chain known as Forky’s has joined our organization.


A few years ago, we got our first opportunity to be one of the organizations to which visitors could contribute by sitting at their so-called GOODWILL TABLE. Since then, we have also the opportunity to use the lecture room for organizing our talks, which are held regularly in the Forky’s in Brno.

This year’s autumn event was honored by attendance of the owners of the entire network, Klára and Luboš. They expressed big interest in long-term support of our organization and thus connecting the idea of Forky’s with the protection of wild nature. Ethical, healthy, and purely plant-based eating, together with an extension to wildlife protection, represents a complex cycle of sustainability of human existence.


Forky’s is not only an international franchise concept of a modern bistro-restaurant, where all food is prepared exclusively from pure vegetable ingredients, but also a manufacturer and distributor of chilled and frozen vegan specialties and nutritional supplements.


We highly recommend visiting one of Forky’s restaurants and try their rich offer. You won’t regret, and you might find out that it is possible to live differently.

More consciously, healthier and with deeper understanding…

Since 21/12/2022 Forky’s GOODWILL TABLE is once again a place where you can consciously support us. Just arrive at one of the restaurants, find GOODWILL TABLE and order. This time, support is aimed to the Blue Life project in Costa Rica, i.e., on completion and operation of a new educational and volunteer centre (more information here).




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