Blue ecological flag for Green Life II


Costa Rica has a unique government conservation setup. It could be said that nature protection is on the agenda here, it is a socially recognized topic and, moreover, it is literally one of the points of the government agenda. Based on such a setting of the company, the so-called BANDERA AZUL ECOLOGICA (the Blue Ecological Flag), is created here, which marks your activity as a socially beneficial and government-recognized activity in the protection of Costa Rican nature.

The Ecological Blue Flag is an annual award that rewards the efforts and voluntary work of various local committees that strive to improve sanitary and ecological conditions and use PBAE as a tool to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Every year, many organizations and companies apply for the first BANDERA AZUL ECOLOGICA star, or defend it and get others up to the highest level of award, which is five stars. Our organization Bosque para los Niňos, i.e. the Costa Rica branch of the Prales dětem association, applied for its first star this year and won it for the first time for its activities in 2021. We were evaluated for our socially most important activity, which is the protection of biodiversity.

Thanks to our intensive annual monitoring with the help of camera traps, we have demonstrated the unique biodiversity of our area of ​​the Green Life II reserve, which we not only monitor, but also guard, control and maintain. We have facilities built here in the form of an educational and volunteer center with a capacity of 22 beds. Our reserve has 154 ha, but is not open to tourism, but has strict rules and regulations of the reserve in favor of nature conservation. Visitors can only be volunteers, students, school pupils and teachers, or we plan to organize open days for the public to learn about our work in nature conservation.

In 2021, primary and secondary school students visited our reserve twice. Obtaining the BANDERA AZUL ECOLOGICA is another important point for our social usefulness and credibility, because the designation of the reserve with the Blue Ecological Flag is a real prestige in Costa Rica.

However, it does not end there, because our reservation definitely intends to continue and Bosque para los Niňos will definitely defend the Blue Ecological Flag next year.
It is the volunteer programs and participation in them that greatly help us on this journey, and we believe that there will be an ever-increasing interest in cooperation in saving the primeval forests and protecting the unique biodiversity, which is embodied here by the Green Life II reserve and the project mission of the Primeval Forest for Children – Justice for Nature.

Thanks for riding it with us!