We can let everyone know that today, after endless peripheries, we have completed the buyout of the year.
We attached 41.3 hectares of land to our Green Life reserve in one go!!!

To date, the reservation has 175.5 hectares!

The expansion of the reserve could only happen thanks to the generosity and enlightenment of a single donor from the Czech Republic, who donated CZK 2.8 million (about £96,500) to our association for the purchase of the forest land. He did not wish to be named, but a plaque with his name and thanks will be posted on the reservation in his honor. It’s great to know that there are still people who are looking for a higher sense and are willing to support meaningful conservation projects.

Moreover, it was not just some land, but directly those “Colesovy” that divided the reservation. Thus, now the territory is basically unified!

A big thank you goes to the law firm TOMAN & Partners law firm s.r.o., who selflessly helped with the preparation of contracts and with legal advice.

Finally, we thank the Chairman of the YHUA partner organization, Mr Ari Sutresn, Aya and Zbyněk Hrábek, who oversaw the whole process in Indonesia and brought everything to a successful end. Thanks!


Mainly, thank you for all the inhabitants of the rainforest!

Documents and contracts for newly acquired land.

The YHUA team, without which the whole process would not have been created. From left: Ari Sutresno, Aju, Zbyněk Hrábek.