Stay Chill for the Ocean


Another company joined the Forest for Children association, which decided to donate 5% of the profit from the sale of its products to support the CLEAN THE OCEAN project



Although Stay Chill is a newcomer in the market, in our opinion, with their attitude and approach to the environment they will definitely win their place on the market, and we are glad that they chose us and decided to combine their products with the CLEAN THE OCEAN project right from the start.

“The idea to create StayChill came sometime in 2018. At that time, we – Filip and Patrik, did not have the resources to start creating something, but in return we had time to think about how to capture this brand of ours and how to show it to the world. It took two years and during those two years we found the perfect supplier of materials, seamstresses and other means for this brand to see the light of day. We don’t just want to create another brand that makes money on cheap work and materials from Asia. We create our dream and try to cooperate with suppliers of materials who guarantee us 100% BIO quality and also Fair Trade products ”.

Thank You! 💚